Applicant Booster Services

Over the last 26 years, we have worked with the top publishers and developers in the games business.

They clearly overshadow the smaller independent development studios with limited resources they can allocate to full cycle recruiting projects. Whether in-house, or through the use of external recruiters, the business of recruiting is getting more expensive. Most smaller studios use passive job adverts tied to their open positions listed on careers pages. Passive advertising of their available jobs usually attracts a high ratio of non-qualified to qualified candidates and requires managers to spend hours out of each day sorting the wheat from the chaff.

Targeted direct marketing to high value prospective candidates, produces much higher ratios of qualified, versus unqualified applicants, but few veteran recruiters are willing to use their expensive databases at significantly discounted rates. The StarCrewZ database gives studios access to high value prospective candidates, at a cost low enough to enable them to afford passive jobs advertising AND targeted direct advert campaigns that reach the specific talent they want to attract.

No matter your recruiting budget, StarCrewZ offers a recruiting solution that works to help you attract the talent you need, faster and cheaper per hire than any current service available. Why? Because we have years of recruiting expertise, thousands of contacts that represent relationships built over twenty years and soft recruiting skills that simple mailing list companies can’t compete with. Coupling high value contacts to direct marketing campaigns, specifically designed around your needs and decades of game recruiting industry experience, is one of the key elements to our success.

Full suite of recruiting, sourcing services include:

  • Targeted Direct Mail Ads – client advert provided – with job application link
  • Targeted Direct Mail Ads – custom designed advert – with job application link
  • Targeted Direct Mail Ads + Recruiter Follow-up – only qualifieds sent to managers
  • Full Cycle Recruiting – includes Direct Mail Campaigns

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