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SAN DIEGO, CA — StarCrewZ founder and crew report they have successfully launched a high-tech recruiting and biz dev services station into low Earth orbit. Station facilities will provide a number of new platforms for connecting people, new business and financial propulsion systems for growing young companies.

“We’re pushing beyond the bounds of clunky, gravity inhibited paradigms for helping companies reach the stars,” said David Musgrove, Founder and Base Commander of StarCrewZ.

“Our platform streamlines access to the vital propulsion systems all companies need: talent, new business development and capital investment. Borrowing an aerospace industry slogan, we can help companies: ‘fly faster, farther, higher’ by making connections for these key components to success faster, easier and cheaper.”

The first vital step to growing a business is putting the right people in the right places –  when you need them. That sounds so simple in theory and yet it is one of the biggest challenges facing all businesses today!

“Only a handful of companies understand that all successful business operations come down to three basic principles: People > Product > Profit! Without top people, you cannot do much with the other two.”  Malcolm Forbes

 There is no one who knows exactly who you need, why you need them and when you need them better than yourself. If you could simply reach out and touch the people you want, all your problems would be solved. If you can’t do that, you need us. It’s that simple.

As a firm we specialize in client-side representation. We work with you to identify the people you need and we reach out for you – to present your unique opportunity to the very best the present talent market has to offer you. Not everyone will come. But we will bring you the best that do and ensure that if you invest the time to interview them, you can come away with an important and exciting hire.

You have many recruiting companies you can choose from. They all tell you they will recruit the people you need. Why choose us? Most recruiting companies are contingency recruiting companies. They are best used when you have the luxury of time to wait for the right candidate to come along. You will pay them a fee only if you hire a candidate from them. They can only afford to spend the time to recruit for marketable companies who have the usual needs. They need to make quick placements to survive. They cannot afford to do what you need them to do most and that is to stay on task for you long enough to fill the key positions with the best people you don’t have time to wait for.