Join the Revolution!

What revolution you ask?

Swat a Fly


“Why is the email I just received about this ANY different than other crafty and misleading recruiting email spam…” you rightly ask?

Because you won’t get contacted again unless you want something! You get to decide what and when you want to hear about something you actually WANT to know about in the job market. Really??

Here’s the deal. Most people don’t mind receiving important “intel” on what’s going on in their industry job market, in areas they care about and at a time of their choosing. What they HATE is persistent and distracting BS emails and phone calls from recruiters they don’t know and who obviously don’t know much about them, like: that you aren’t interested in hearing about jobs right now – ANY job!!

But, there are things you might want to know more about as long as inquiring about them didn’t immediately open the floodgates to more: “distracting BS emails and phone calls from people…”, well you get the idea. Here are some suggested items you might want to know about at a time of your choosing:

  • What are you currently worth in the competitive job market?  For instance, when you get a positive job review, or you’re up for an annual raise, what are your peers earning?
  • What companies are hiring around me that might offer me a move up?
  • What is the best way for me to talk discretely with other companies about a job I might be interested in, without interviewing, or sending them my resume?
  • What start-up and new venture companies have popped up who need my job skills?
  • Is my skill-set trending up, or down in value around me?
  • What perks are being offered to people in similar jobs?
  • What other are industries hiring for, that would value and allow me to transfer my current industry job skills to them?
  • Anything else you want to ask a recruiter with 23+ years in your industry, who should know these answers and can consult with you about them.

You can choose what filters you want and only receive the info you need, when you need it. You won’t receive other unsolicited calls, emails, social media pings, etc.

See the simple request form below and get only what you need, when you want it. That’s it.

If that makes sense to you, fill in your preferences below. But WAIT. Want to know more about me first? Fair enough. Check me out my LinkedIn Profile first and then decide if this sounds legit. My business is ALL referral. That simply means: screw people over…? NO REFERRALS! Tell the truth and do the right thing? LOTS of referrals! And THAT’s what’s in it for me, in case you were wondering…

So, you make the call:

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